We are a multidisciplinary team of physicians, scientists, graduate students, medical students, and software engineers with the common goal of better understanding and treating metastatic cancer through computer science. Big projects require collaboration, and we want to thank everyone who has contributed so far to making this possible (alphabetical order):


Juan Diego Alzate
Kenneth Bernstein
Viola J. Chen
Shannon Ciprut
John Golfinos
Lavender Yao Jiang
Douglas Kondziolka
Frederick Kwon
Katherine E. Link [Lead Engineer]
Christopher Xujin Liu
Yvonne Liu
Mustafa Nasir-Moin
Eric Karl Oermann [PI]
Daniel Orringer
Tanxia Qiu
Zane Schnurman
Erik Sulman

Amazon Web Services Open Data Initiative

Erin Chu

nVidia Inc.

Anthony Costa

Bearwave LLC.

Michael Liu

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